Bainbridge Manufacturing

Bainbridge Manufacturing, Bainbridge, GA

Bainbridge Manufacturing is a 30-year-old privately held company headquartered in Miami. The company is in the Heat Exchange Industry and manufactures HVAC Systems as well as cooling systems for the automotive industry. Clients include: Nissan, Toyota, Fiat, Renault, Nissan, GM, CAT, John Deere and Kubota. Its employees average 15 years at Bainbridge Manufacturing, and the company serves customers in 65 countries.

The company will add an additional 1.6 million square feet to the existing 180,000-square-foot facility that is located at the end of Decatur County Industrial park. Upon completion, the headquarters will become the primary manufacturing center for the company. As the company relocates equipment from other facilities, the Bainbridge location will begin making filters, expansion vales, blower motors, driers, hoses, seals and cooling fans.